Photo-report from PULIRE exhibition (Italy): Persons and opinions. Italian suppliers plans about Russian market in 2015

Pulire 2.1, Verona, 19-21 of May - the largest exhibition of professional cleaning, took place  22nd  time, presenting 271 participants on 14868 m2 of exhibition area which is an increase of  7.8% compared to the previous exhibition.

Opinions of Pulire participants on the Russian market:

Igor Pegorin, Export Manager, FILMOP: 
The Russian market is still very interesting, despite the difficult situation of the ruble. Yes, sales fell  in comparison to the last year , but not so much that the situation is considered critical. The potential is obvious. Many Western manufacturers consider Russia a dark, sometimes frightening country, so they do not hurry to invest.  This situation is to our advantage.

Mauro Moilola, Area manager, GHIBLI - we work with four large Moscow companies. There are plans for further development including other Russian cities. We confirm our participation in Cleanexpo Moscow 2015 and are planning to participate in the contest "For the first time in Russia. Solutions for cleaning." We have novelties that we want to actively introduce to the Russian market.

Daniele Mamoli, Export Director CELTEX - We have long established contacts with Russian buyers. While the market is not saturated with competitive products yet  ( only 2-3 manufactures  in our sector are widely known). In such circumstances it is a good occasion for us to strengthen your market share and establish long-term relationship with a reliable partner. To do this, we are again going to participate in the October Cleanexpo exhibition in Moscow.

Giuliano Franchini, General Manager, TECNOVAP - We regret that Russia is going through a difficult time. Our technology is already well known on the Russian market thanks to a lot of  work which  was done along with the  competent marketing. We hope that the situation will improve in the near future.

Angelo Loro, Export Manager, TTS - We appreciate the efforts of our Russian partner and see the results. Indeed, the beginning of the year was alarmingly unclear. But now, with the strengthening of the ruble, sales began to rise. I am confident that by the end of the year the situation will be  more stable.

Celio Franchi, Export Area Manager, RCM - The Russian market has long been important to our strategic direction. Now we are interested to give a boost to Russia, because the range of the company allows to satisfy various market demands. We consider the possibility of participating in the exhibition Cleanexpo Moscow.

Stefano Simonetti, Export Manager, EUREKA - We are closely watching the situation in your country and are ready to support our distributor. To do this, we are going to visit Moscow in the coming months in order to  discuss the options for participating in your exhibition.

Ercole Bibiano, Export sales Manager, KLINDEX - We have  been working  on the Russian market for so long that we have no doubt: the difficulties are temporary and surmountable. We have a reliable partner that we trust and are ready to provide all possible support

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