Exhibitor's reviews

Karcher 2023
We systematically take part in this industry exhibition because we believe that it is the main platform for communicating with our potential customers as well as industry colleagues.
This year, on the very first day, we recorded about 120 clients. These were mainly companies from the Central Federal District, but there were also representatives from the Urals, the Volga region, and the Far East. This is very pleasant. This year we also communicated, and I hope we will continue to communicate, with users of our equipment and potential customers from Kazakhstan, and there were also guests from Belarus.
At this exhibition we meet with our main clients, these are large federal cleaning companies, as well as companies that work with key clients in our country, such as Gazprom, Rosatom, etc.
As for the organisation of the exhibition, it is, as always, at the highest level, from year to year it is almost flawless, so a great respect to the organisers.

Maxim Chernov,
Development Director for the Centre Region
Kercher Ltd.
Bennett 2023
All the equipment we presented at the stand aroused great interest among the visitors. Visitors asked what new products we brought, showed interest in the hoovers that we bring and sell in addition to the scrubbers. I believe that participation in the exhibition strengthens the image of the company, increases the recognisability of our brand. Participation in CleanExpo is a must for a company like ours, which is one of the market leaders".

Maxim Koveshnikov,
General Director of Profstroy (Bennett)

ВМЗ 2023
We are very satisfied with the quantity and, most importantly, the quality of visitors to CleanExpo 2023. Our clients are the Ministry of Health, Russian Railways, and Gazprom. Representatives of these companies periodically visit the exhibition, and, naturally, we organise meetings here and in the future enter into long-term contracts.
CleanExpo is the key exhibition in the cleaning industry in terms of traffic and the number of visitors, because all the important companies and people from all over Russia and CIS countries come to Moscow. Naturally, almost all of Russia was represented, and in addition, we had visitors from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Alexey Afanasiev, Head of Marketing Department, Vyazemsky Machine Building Plant
Грасс 2023
Friends, this is the most correct, the fastest and probably the most "business" way to introduce your product to the customer and how to quickly learn about changes in the industry, and to be always in the trend. Expectations from the exhibition were met! I am generally, to be honest, impressed by the number of visitors.
This year the organisation of CleanExpo, as always, was at a very high decent level, but most importantly, the organisers are making changes in their work, which has a positive effect on communication and simplification of organisational moments.

Sergey Savin, Sales Manager for Cleaning, GRASS Company
Т Компани 23
This year's exhibition was extremely lively, as a large number of visitors came from different regions of Russia. During the exhibition, our company signed about 15 contracts with companies representing the North Caucasus region, the South of Russia, and the Volga Federal District. Our company's stand at the exhibition was visited by such major market players as Magnit, Dixy and Wildberries. It is with these companies that we have concluded contracts within the framework of this exhibition, and I would also like to note the major players in the market of cleaning equipment, our long-standing partners with whom we have long co-operated and co-operated, such companies as Vileda, ProBrite, PROtissue.

The number of invited visitors is astounding, so a huge thank you to the organisers for the amazing organisation and training programmes for the visitors.

Denis Nikolaev,
General Director of T-Company
Exhibitors reviews 2019-2021
The CleanExpo exhibition took place in Moscow. Many thanks to the organizers who did their best to make it happen! A large number of industry experts visited our stand. Surprisingly, but true: most of the business contacts are in the regions of Russia and abroad. Sharing experience, discussing the details of each project, in the essence of which lies professionalism, giving feedback to each other - all this is an important part of business life. In short, this event is for those who want to keep abreast, to be a leader in their business.
We were glad to take part in the exhibition and meet our partners and clients! It was a pleasant surprise that despite the sudden news about the restrictions due to the pandemic, partners and clients even from other regions came to the exhibition! The surprise of the exhibition for us was the victory in the nomination "Best manufacturer / supplier of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants". The winner was chosen by voting among the visitors of the exhibition.
We spent 2 days of interesting acquaintances, active negotiations, a business climate and a rich business program on October 26 and 27, 2021 at the largest event for specialists, suppliers and manufacturers of the cleaning industry. It was intense and unforgettable! And, of course, we have checked an impressive amount of negotiations and are already ready for intensive work. We thank the guests and organizers of CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE for a great atmosphere!
Our company took an active part in the exhibition. At the company's stand were presented lithium batteries for powering cleaning equipment of various shapes and configurations, which aroused keen interest among visitors and exhibitors. Participation in the exhibition allowed us to exchange experience on the production of batteries for cleaning equipment, establish business contacts, learn about new opportunities for the further promotion of our products in the field of equipment for professional cleaning.
Торговый дизайн
We believe that CleanExpo was a success.
We introduced the visitors of our stand to the environmental aspects of running a laundry business, presented several solutions with Fagor washers and dryers and Pony steam dummies, and talked about the features of washing mops.
For two days, our specialists advised everyone on the opening and refurbishment of laundries and dry cleaners.
Thanks to guests, colleagues and partners for productive communication and see you next year!
Export Center of the Yaroslavl Region

Entrepreneurs often come to us asking how to find new clients and learn about market trends.
We answer:
One of the options is to become a participant in an industry exhibition!
For example, the CleanExpo exhibition in Moscow brought together all professional cleaning companies under one roof.
Together with the industry leaders, the exhibition is attended by the Rybinsk organization Technopromexport, which since 2007 has been producing and restoring all types of brushes - from industrial to household brushes.
Within two days, CleanExpo participants were able to meet with colleagues and industry experts, negotiate with potential clients and discuss the terms of cooperation.
In addition, the event included a rich business program, presentations and test drives of new products.
We have been participating in CleanExpo Moscow for 8 years already. This is one of the main events in the cleaning industry, which contributes to the development of the Russian cleaning market a lot as well as allows you to keep abreast of current news and trends. High level of service and work with exhibitors, as well as a rich business program are strong points of the exhibition.
We manage to find new clients and increase sales every year at the exhibition. We announce new products at the exhibition and this exhibition is a great tool to demonstrate the advantages of new equipment.
This year we were on the verge of refusing to participate, but now we plan to participate next year as well. Of course, comparing the scale with last year is incorrect in a pandemic terms. But, to be honest, we didn't expect that we would collect so many contacts of visitors, we are pleased with our participation. Employees of our company met with their clients and even managed to agree on cooperation with two partners-participants of the exhibition to work at the spring exhibition CleanExpo Krasnodar | PULIRE. Vacuum motors were of particular interest at our stand. We also presented hoses for scrubber driers, steam generators.
There are a lot of visitors from different industries from different regions of Russia: Novosibirsk, Ussuriisk and even Kyrgyzstan. At our stand vacuum cleaners model DCL281 were in special demand. The overall impression of the 2020 exhibition is hightly positive. Next year we also plan to take part
TH Jupiter
TH Jupiter
CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE exhibition brings to our company new contracts every year. After active work at the stand in October 2019, we signed a contract for the supply of a set of PRIMUS laundry equipment (washing, drying and ironing) for a total amount of around 65 000 euro to organize a new laundry in Ulyanovsk. Thanks to the acquaintance at the exhibition, in the near future it is planned to supply 3 machines to the laundry in Nizhnevartovsk. Face-to-face live communication at the exhibition often develops in the future into close mutually beneficial cooperation.
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