CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2020 results. When the reality surpassed all expectations


The main exhibition of the cleaning industry in Russia and the CIS CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE took place from 24 to 26 November. The exhibition is a part of the ISSA Pulire Network global network of cleaning exhibitions and is supported by the Moscow Department of Trade and Services. The general sponsor of this exhibition is Karcher company.

CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2020 results. When the reality surpassed all expectations
The difficult 2020 year will be remembered as the time when everything around was questioned, plans were broken off, the future seemed uncertain and gloomy. It became clear that only the strongest would survive after the first massive global lockdown,. Summing up the results of the exhibition together with the results of the year it can be argued that leadership and positive popularity are the merit of daily hard work. The exhibition team strengthened its promotion at the beginning of spring and realizing its responsibility as the main event in the cleaning industry, remained an information bridge between participants, visitors and all interested industry professionals. The official website of the exhibition published information on the state of the market and interviews with opinion leaders in the industry. Together with our partners, we were preparing an expanded business program, which, under current conditions, included issues of disinfection and ensuring sanitary and epidemiological standards from Rospotrebnadzor.
And already at the end of spring the results of the all year's work became visible. The exhibitors honestly admit that they didn’t expect such high results:
«This year has become a real challenge for business and, as a participant and general sponsor of the CleanExpo exhibition we are glad that the main event of the cleaning market nevertheless took place in the usual live format. Not all companies were able to take part in it, this is understandable. The exhibition turned out to be much more chamber than usual. But there is a plus in this: visitors were in no hurry, they carefully studied each stand. It should be noted that the stand of "Karcher" aroused great interest, because today effective solutions in the field of cleaning with a disinfectant effect are more relevant than ever. We have consulted potential clients and collected quite a few contacts. We can say that taking into account the situation, the level of CleanExpo 2020 turned out to be even higher than expected. The audience was exclusively targeted, the exhibition was attended by almost all of our key clients, although not in such a large number of delegations as usual. Of course, both visitors and participants followed all safety measures"
Karcher Сompany

 “We expected much fewer visitors because the number of exhibitors' stands was reduced. Until recently, we were worried whether the exhibition would take place and if it did it would be very empty. But now as a result we have a lot of target clients-dealers from the regions and not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is important to note that we were able to agree on partnerships with some for the future. Now we are thinking about participating in the Krasnodar CleanExpo”.
RBR-Trade Company
“We are 'alive' - this was announced by the entering market at CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE. We expected fewer visitors, but in the end it turned out better than we could have imagined. Yes, the exhibition is compact, but this didn’t any way affect the quality of visitors, we are satisfied with the quality of visitors. About 70% of visitors to our stand are representatives of the regions. Our stand is located next to the demo platform where Taras Dudar performs and from there many representatives of the target audience came to us. We plan to take part in the next year's exhibition".
Cleanpart company 
“This year we were on the verge of refusing participation, but we plan to participate next year as well. Of course, comparing the scale with last year is incorrect in a pandemic. But, to be honest, we expected the worst both in terms of the collected contacts and in terms of visitors and in the end we are satisfied with our participation. Employees of our company met with their clients and even managed to agree on cooperation with two partners participating in the exhibition to work at the spring exhibition CleanExpo Krasnodar | PULIRE. We presented vacuum motors, hoses for scrubber driers, steam generators. Now, by the way, steam generator is an obligatory requirement in the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor». 

The CleanExpo team foreshadowed an increase of the number of regional specialists at the exhibition already in the summer and now all participants noticed it. Due to telephone calls to regional specialists from the Chechen Republic, Makhachkala, Vladivostok, Magnitogorsk, Kazan and other cities it was possible to reveal the high interest of specialists in visiting the exhibition to solve their business problems. According to statistics, 30% of visitors are representatives of the regions. The growth of regional visitors was facilitated by favorable offers for transfers from many air and railway companies due to a sharp drop in demand because of the pandemic spread. 
“I am visiting an exhibition of this kind for the first time, I specially flew from Siberia to CleanExpo and I see it’s an interesting event. I found good offers for myself and exchanged contacts with some companies. "
Cleaning company AQUArel
“Every year we go to the exhibition for informational purposes to see which manufacturers and suppliers are on the market, who are represented at the exhibition. Despite a 30% drop in turnover this year due to the spread of the virus, we were still able to visit the exhibition and find useful information for ourselves”
Dry-cleaning company "Bez pyaten"
“This year our company will be 4 years old during this time we managed to take a leading position in the city of Tyumen. We are constantly improving our qualifications and developing so that we have strength and inspiration for new ideas, so we came to the exhibition to gain a whole arsenal of knowledge about new technologies, equipment and professional chemistry. CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2020 is one of the main events in the cleaning industry, which contributes to the development of the Russian market, keeps abreast of news and trends. "
Cleaning company "New cleaning" 
“Representatives of Zoom In visited the largest industry exhibition - CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2020. We are glad to meet with colleagues and current suppliers, as well as future partners. We would like to thank the organizers for the presentation of industry trends, communication with market leaders and the opportunity to test new products from the best manufacturers "
Cleaning company "Zoom In"
“We come to the exhibition every year, but this year it was smaller, but this did not affect its effectiveness. We met partners, listened to interesting information about disinfection and washing technologies, talked with colleagues about the activities of the cleaning business in the current conditions and how to continue working in the current conditions. "
Dry-cleaner "Snezhinka" (Republic of Dagestan)

CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE Exhibition 2020 is a business environment for specialists charged for development, ready to establish new interesting business contacts and new practical information from top industry experts and business representatives at the events of the business program within the framework of the exhibition. Both industry mastodons and newcomers received an energy boost. They shared their impressions on social networks during all 3 days of the exhibition: 
“New acquaintances and knowledge in the field of cleaning, master classes, study of new equipment and the conclusion of contracts. The exhibition has charged me with energy for a new wave of work! "
- review from Instagram @anzy_stav (Clearing company Pin_up_uborka, Stavropol)
Participating companies presented new modern solutions for professional cleaning, sanitation, hygiene, dry cleaning and laundry in conditions of increased requirements for cleanliness and hygiene, including:
• automatic door-handle disinfection system HYSO
• bactericidal recirculator HÖR-A30
• antiseptics with Spell medical license
• floor disinfectors iSept Digital
• a practical tool for the operation of mobile toilet cabins Bionord AntiIce
• automatic carpet washing machine COMBI260
and much more.
A large-scale business program for managers and specialists of cleaning companies, dry cleaners, laundries, as well as for employees of AXO enterprises with their own cleaning service: medical institutions, restaurant and hotel business, cultural institutions, office and warehouse premises and many others. In total, more than 20 events were held as part of the business program of the exhibition

Professional organizers of exhibitions contribute to the restoration of industries where participants and visitors work, stimulate demand for products, and establish new mutually beneficial contacts between manufacturers and customers.
The positive results of exhibitions held in the fall of 2020 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, once again prove that the traditional exhibition format with real, not virtual communication a visual demonstration of the products of the participating companies and a rich up-to-date business program is the most effective way to solve professional tasks of both visitors and participants. Even in the current difficult conditions, exhibitions remain an indispensable tool capable of giving a new impetus to business development.
Next exhibition CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE will be held on October 26-28, 2021 at Crocus Expo IEC. The nearest exhibition of the CleanExpo’s portfolio will be held in Krasnodar on April 22-24, 2021, registration of visitors is opening now at the link 
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