Chemspec Chemistry at Cleanexpo Moscow | PULIRE


The Sailor company will present at its stand professional chemical products Chemspec (USA) - the world leader in the cleaning market for the production of cleaning products for carpets and textiles.

Chemspec Chemistry at Cleanexpo Moscow | PULIRE
Thanks to their high efficiency and impeccable consistent quality, Chemspec products have been known all over the world for several decades. All products of the American manufacturer undergo repeated tests and independent examination, which is confirmed by the relevant protocols and certificates.
The line of products includes powder products for deep cleaning of carpets and textiles, professional stain removers, liquid shampoos, special products for removing complex stains from carpets and textiles, for surface bleaching. The difference between Chemspec chemicals is that, in addition to cleaning properties, they give the surface water-repellent and dirt-repellent properties, restore the colors of carpets and textile coverings, and renew the surface appearance.

Sailor is a company of like-minded people - real professionals in their field. For 15 years, it has been developing and renewing, going beyond the boundaries of the usual. The assortment of the company includes not only chemistry from leading manufacturers, but also cleaning equipment, inventory, as well as various spare parts and accessories. The company has its own service area and promptly solves any problems associated with the maintenance, repair and modernization of cleaning equipment.

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