Your future clients about CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2021


CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE is visited by specialists with a high demand and an established need. Conduct negotiations with potential clients and discuss the terms of cooperation at the next year's exhibition. We continue to accept applications for participation at a special price!

Your future clients about CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2021
Feedback from CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE 2021 visitors :
CleanExpo Moscow | We visit PULIRE every year to keep abreast of all novelties in the field of cleaning, dry cleaning and in-demand positions in the hotel and restaurant business, as well as to develop and improve our services and products. We passed all trainings and master classes, got acquainted with all the novelties of major manufacturers of equipment, cleaning products and consumables. We would especially like to thank the Taras Dudar Center for a lot of useful information, master classes, as well as all specialists in our field for personal communication and advice. Thank you CleanExpo, you are bringing together the best specialists!
Cleaning Bureau "Angels of Purity", Magnitogorsk
The purpose of the annual visit to the exhibition CleanExpo Moscow | PULIRE - reaching maximum LVL and heights, our company is rapidly gaining momentum, keeping pace with the times! Uses new, safe and, most importantly, effective methods for dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. Vivid meetings with friends, exchange of experience with colleagues, meeting and communicating with new people helps us to improve and be the best in the market. As a result: we have new projects, trainings and collaborations.
"Dry cleaning in the house", Saratov
During the exhibition, we got acquainted with industry trends and the latest developments, met with colleagues and industry experts. At the sites, we managed to pass training business sessions and meetups, take part in interesting sessions and share our own rich experience in the cleaning industry.
TD "ChemTek", Belgorod
At the exhibition, we found many new products for ourselves, passed quick cleaning master classes, listened to new information, and now we are completely in trend and meet all modern quality standards.
Cleaning Company iDeal.One, Moscow
We always try to be better for our clients, to learn something new, useful, of high quality and safe. Expert Cleaning company visited the next CleanExpo exhibition, where new products were presented. Therefore, returning home, we received a boost of energy, new ideas on how to make our service better for our customers.
Cleaning company Expert Cleaning, Belgorod

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