CleanExpo Moscow 2023: post show review


24 to 26 October 2023 the 25th International Exhibition of Equipment and Products for Professional Cleaning, Sanitation, Hygiene, Dry Cleaning and Washing CleanExpo Moscow 2023 took place in Moscow, at Crocus Expo. The event was held with the support of Bennett company as a general sponsor.

CleanExpo Moscow 2023: post show review
The exhibition demonstrated strong growth in all indicators, which proves positive trends in the Russian market of supply of equipment, inventory and products for the cleaning industry, and shows the restoration of exhibition activities as an attractive and effective tool for business development.


  • 4 721 unique visitors (+350 people compared to 2022 levels the figure corresponds to the level of 2019), including 1 749 people from 82 regions of the Russian Federation;
  • 123 participating companies (+33% to 2022 levels) from 9 countries, including 105 Russian companies (+30%) and 18 foreign participants (3.6 times growth to 2022);
  • 27 companies took part in CleanExpo Moscow for the first time;
  • 4 297 sq. m — gross exhibition area (+38.7% to 2022)
The CleanExpo Moscow 2023 exhibition fully satisfied the needs of industry representatives. The companies demonstrated equipment and supplies for professional cleaning, dry cleaning and laundry, carpet cleaning, presented new domestic and foreign solutions and innovations, held direct negotiations with potential clients, found new partners and concluded lucrative contracts for the coming year.


A distinctive feature of CleanExpo Moscow 2023 became a record number of cleaning robotics brands: 5 supplier companies, including domestic ones, presented their cleaning robots.
In the field of development of Russian production, new products from such companies as Vyazemsky Machine-Building Plant, New Communal Technologies LLC, ACGM, Unilever Rus, GRASS, Adria and K, Himros LLC, A2 Technology, 
"Atom”, etc., were noted and attracted the attention of specialists.



CleanExpo Moscow 2023 was visited by 4,721 specialists, which is 350 people more than in 2022. Among them are visitors from 82 regions of Russia, as well as from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan. The extensive geography of visitors was clearly reflected on a special map on which visitors marked their region.

In addition, the exhibition was visited by over 3,000 representatives of industrial enterprises, co-visitors of 7 (seven!) industrial exhibitions held in the same Pavilion.
Among the exhibition visitors are top managers and specialists of cleaning companies and facility operators, management companies, dry cleaners and laundries, trading organizations, as well as representatives of companies from various sectors of the economy that have their own cleaning service. Among them are hotels, retail chains, food, pharmaceutical and industrial production, cultural and sports institutions, and infrastructure facilities.

The list of exhibition visitors includes the largest brand-bearing companies:

Cleaning companies and facility operators: Management Company Zeppelin, DAKO Professional Team, Group of Companies RONOVA, Cristanval, Group of Companies "Rikwest", SOL, Tip-Top Industrial Solutions, LLC UPC "Cleaning Master", LLC "Alfa Service", Group of Companies "Universal Cleaning Service" ”, LLC "Cinderella", BLESK, Facility Services Rus, MOSKLINING, Management Company "Zeppelin", Cleaning company "Prim Cleaning Service", Primex-Tomsk, GC "Technology of Cleanliness", LLC "UK Cross-Neva", LLC "Primex- Kuzbass", LLC "Skypro", Facilicom, LLC "Primex-Tula", BORTIS, Star Clean, Cleaning Company Mir Chistoty, Clean House Ural, Expert Cleaning, LLC Group of Companies "MVE-Cleaning", Cleaning service, LLC FRESHHOME -Cleaning", LLC "Service Partner UK", LLC "MEDOX", LLC "Facility Services Rus", Company "Ice Cleaning", LLC "Bryansk Cleaning Company", Freken Bock, Easy cleaning, National Association of Textile Services
Dry cleaners and laundries: chain of dry cleaners "DIANA", Apetta, chain of dry cleaners "Lotus", BLESK IN CARE, FIRST DRY CLEANER, FSUE "PRESIDENT-SERVICE", MUP "Factory of dry cleaning, washing and baths", German Dry Cleaner, LLC "CRYSTAL", European dry cleaning RENZACCI, LOTUS, Dry cleaning No. 1, Laundry plant "Bolshaya Stirha", Drop, mobile dry cleaning SAMARA, "", Main dry cleaning, BIANCA, LLC "Lavanderia", LLC "PRIMEKH", LLC "Cinderella", Kristallino, Nikko, JSC "FACTORY-LAUNDRY No. 19"
Management companies: INTERMETSERVICE JSC, ProService Group of Companies, MKD Management LLC, Park Plaza Magas, Park Plaza LLC, KTSKH-Service LLC, Management Company Comfort Privilege LLC, MALAB-Invest JSC, Multimodal Logistic
Retail: DIXY South JSC, AUCHAN LLC, X5 Group, Tander JSC
HORECA: LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW, PALMIRA GARDEN HOTEL & SPA, "SAFMAR PALACE MOSCOW", Plaza Garden Moscow WTC, GAPOU IOC im. Viktor Talalikhin, PJSC "World Trade Center", Tokyo City and Bakhroma, JSC Sanatorium "Krasnaya Talka", JSC Sanatorium "Russia", JSC "Hotel Vvedensky", Holiday Tagansky, LLC "Lotte Hotel Vladivostok", Ararat Park Hyatt, FGAU Sheremetyevsky Volynskoye Congress Park, Marriott Imperial Plaza, MIKAGROUPP LLC, Amaks Hotels&Resorts, Ibis
Food production: MIRATORG "BRYANSK BROILER", APH MIRATORG, LLC "Lugansk Meat Processing Plant", LLC "Meat Processing Plant REMIT", JSC "ChMPZ", LLC "Chipita", Russian Grain Union, Hochland Russland
Medicine: Morozovskaya Children's City Clinical Hospital, Department of Health, National Medical Research Center of Children's and Pediatric Orthopedics named after. Dmitry Rogachev, GBUZ MO "Sanatorium Pushkino", FSBI JV "Resort Park "Soyuz" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia", First Line. Health Care Resort, K1 Medicine, Tkachev Clinic
Other: Vnukovo Logistics, PJSC Surgutneftegaz, State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Metropolitan" Cleaning Center, JSC "Sheremetyevo-Cargo", LLC Zenit-Arena, LG Electronics RUS, LLC YandexTaxi, Crimean Rose

Exhibitors presented a wide range of equipment, tools and professional chemicals for cleaning companies, dry cleaners and laundries. Among them: cleaning equipment and spare parts for it, cleaning equipment, chemical cleaning and detergents, stain-resistant coatings, dispensers, dispensers, hand dryers, sanitary and hygienic products, equipment and products for laundry and dry cleaning and much more. This year the presence of robotics for cleaning was expanded.

The exhibition was attended by 123 companies from 9 countries - Russia, Austria, Germany, India, Italy, China, the Republic of Belarus, Turkey, Japan.
The number of participants increased by 33% compared to 2022.

This year, new participants presented their products for the first time: scrubber-drying equipment was presented by Noblelift Rus, Klyuch Corporation, TYR Enviro-Tech, Waidr Vacuum Cleaner, Sycain Technology, Anhui Yujing Environmental Technology, Anhui Chengxi Import And Export (China) Robotic scrubber dryers for professional cleaning were first shown by Waybot Robotics (Russia), YaCu Robotics (Russia) and SPI robotics (China), while equipment for washing glass and facades was presented by Cascade-Ionic, Profit-YUG and Klindo LLC.
For the first time, washing equipment of the Indian brand IFB was demonstrated at the stand of the AiX Lab company, laundry equipment of the Oasis brand was demonstrated at the AM-Group stand, and the VISTEX company presented washing, drying and ironing machines of popular European brands. For the first time this year, new products of professional detergent chemicals for washing and cleaning were brought by Unilever Rus (Unilever Professional), GRASS, Adria and K (Localant), Himros LLC, A2 Technology (A1 PRO) and the Atom company.

For the first time in Russia, more than 10 manufacturers from China showed their products: industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers, high-pressure washers, lithium-ion batteries, specialized equipment for hotels, sweepers and polishing machines, trolleys, spare parts and accessories, including brushes, dirt protection products, dryers hand sanitizers, towel dispensers and dispensers, microfiber cloths, paper napkins including jumbo rolls, spill absorbents, dispensers and safety products.



The CleanExpo Moscow exhibition traditionally hosted the CleanExpo Academy, a unique educational project for cleaning industry professionals.
87 leading industry experts shared their experience and knowledge. In total, as part of the business program of the exhibition, more than 50 events took place at 3 venues, providing listeners with access to more than 50 hours of professional information.

General Partner of CleanExpo 2023 Academy: T-Company LLC.

Particular attention of specialists was attracted by events dedicated to personnel management, robotics, technologies in the dry cleaning and laundries industry, natural stone maintenance, the SRO AKFO event, from which a live broadcast was organized, and the 1st congress of the new Industrial Union of Dry Cleaning and Laundries.

 Partner of PROF-Arena: BODEN GROUP company.

Having started in 1998, the exhibition quickly became a prominent industry business event of federal significance, firmly establishing itself in the calendar of specialists in Russia and the CIS as a sought-after platform for solving current and strategic business problems and professional discussions on a wide range of issues in the development of the cleaning industry.
In 2024, the exhibition will expand its area and move to Hall No. 3 of Pavilion No. 1.
Dates: November 19-21, 2024.
If your company is interested in participating in CleanExpo Moscow 2024, take advantage of early booking opportunities until mid-December.
For questions regarding participation, please contact the organizing committee:
+7 812 401 69 55
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